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Our Story

Founded by business partners with extensive on-ground experience of the African and European food landscape. Afriagromarketer is an international company which believes that Africa has a key role to play in feeding the world. Africans are farmers by nature and produce for themselves. We believe that with coordinated and knowledgeable guidance African farmers can produce high quality yields, more than enough for themselves. This surplus and guaranteed market access presents them with an opportunity to earn income out of their produce. Afriagromarketer operates from its offices in Harare, Zimbabwe as well as Amsterdam, Netherlands, a gateway to the European market.  

Our Vision

To create a sustained agro-ecosystem amongst rural and small scale farmers that enables them to produce with a commercial mindset, the right way, with yields more than enough for themselves and gaining better market access for their surplus. 

Our Mission

To accelerate the creation of sustainable partnerships and strive for significant outcomes for dried bean farmers as well as local and international buyers. Every dried bean producer, big or small, deserves fair and equal access to global trade markets. A functioning agro ecosystem means employment creation, earnings from dried beans, school fees, payment of hospital bills, eradication of poverty, less rural-urban migration, and less stress.


When you work with us, you should expect a collaboration with fairness, transparency and consistency.

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